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Re: any radiologic techs/ RNs?

i am an OR nurse, and I just wanted to give a bit of input. I work in a highly specialized area where we are crosstrained and work very closely with the radiology department. what i have learned from the people I work with is that there is room for growth in that field, but you are always still going to be a tech. for example, i have worked with those that just take xrays for ortho and neuro procedures ans that seems to be more busy work, but i have also worked with those that work in interventional radiology and assist with procedures like in the cath lab..those techs seem to make more money, but always less that a nurse.
I love my job as an OR RN. It will probably be the only place I ever work and i'm ok with that. It is intense and loud and quiet and sad and wonderful almost everyday. I've seen more people than i can count die right before me, but i have helped save countless number of people that would not have made it if we were not there...those days make the hard days a bit easier. The surgeons I work with and the nurses and residents on our team are like family to me, I have always said if i am going to leave my children to work outside of the home, it has to be a job where i feel like i make a job feels like that job almost everyday. are there annoying things? sure. are there people there that aren't my favorite people in the world? of course. But the good days are just soooo good i vote for OR nurse
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