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Originally Posted by xtin View Post
Sounds like a typical, tyrannical three year old showing their independence and possibly acting out to get your attention now that she senses big changes are coming soon.

Be patient with her
This. Mine are 3.5 and almost 2. I can tell you DD1 ate like a starving maniac as a 2 year old and my current 2 year old eats everything too, but around the time DD1 turned 3 she backed off on her appetite big time. I really have to watch afternoon snacking if I want her to eat. If you insist on her trying it, then you have to be firm about not giving her anything else until she does. She may also enjoy helping with meal planning so there's something she likes at every meal. Does she still nap? DD1 gave up naps at that age (NOTHING would make her nap) and all the sudden the 2 hour bedtime battle disappeared. You may also try a longer pre bed routine including no electronics at all and maybe some massage. Good luck!
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