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Re: My 17 month old is draining us

Hugs mama! It will get better. At that age, all my kids liked to do was throw toys on the floor. In a couple months, he will be a completely different kid. But it is such a frustrating age because communication is not good, frustration is high for kiddo who can do very little for himself yet, and he has no control.

Maybe try making concerted efforts to play with him and teach him how to play with things so he can learn to play on his own. At daycare, there are other kids and distractions, so it is easier for him to be entertained.

Picky eating--totally the age. My kids would eat ANYTHING when they were little, and then often get to the "white" diet about this age. It gets better as they get older.

DD2 is 21 months. Some days she naps at 11 and some days at 1. It depends on the day. I try to keep her up as late as possible (if she naps at 11, she's up by 2 and that makes for a REALLY long afternoon...). But some days I just can't stand her anymore and she has to go to bed for everyone's sanity.

Good luck mama. Give it time. As his communication gets better and he gets older, it will get easier.
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