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Re: 3 year old discipline and sleep problems

I think it's pretty normal, even though it's frustrating as heck. Well, I hope it's normal, as I feel like you're describing DD's behavior for the last couple of months

She'll be 3 in March...she sleeps in her own room, but it can frequently take her over an hour to fall asleep. We keep trying to switch her to a "big girl bed", but she keeps asking for the side of the crib back on or just plain refuses to stay in bed. Late nights are not an option, since we're up at 5am for both of us to work.

If anybody has any magic about switching from crib to bed, LMK!

And the attitude! It's like talking to a teenager! DP asked DD to do something the other night..."Not right now, I'm awfully busy." This morning she tried to "quit" time out. And when she doesn't want to do anything? "No way. No WAY! I said no WAAAAAYYYY!"

I think I may take up drinking before she is done toddlerhood.
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