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Re: House rules for hand held gaming system (or other electroics)

We are a gaming house. My DH games and I like the computer. DS1 plays on the weekends with friends and during vacations. He will go on facebook everyday after his homework and sports. He is 15 so we really do not need to limit him, just monitor where he goes.

DS2 is my obsessive gamer. He would live on the Kindle, X box, or Leapster if we allowed it. He is allowed to be on the Leapster as much as he wants as we have educational games for it. THe Kindle and PSP are monitored and allowed at certain times. He has PDD NOS so he is very fixated on the games and does not like to do much else. He will bug till he gets them. He is 4.

DS3 is 3 and will play the Leapster on occassion but rather play with toys or be on me. He has defiancy issues so spends most of the day arguing with someone about nothing. He will do games if someone plays them for him and he can watch.

We do not make a big deal out of gaming. I think it can be a healthy past time and very educational if you make it that way.
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