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Can I have a total WhiteWhine moment? This is going to sound ridiculous, but I feel disappointed and want to talk it out.

I don't think we can go away for our anniversary after all. I know it is not a big deal. I got super spoiled at Christmas. Ru needs a new phone and will likely order that when we get home. We need to get a new computer because the tiny netbook we have been using for the last 2 years can't keep up with Ru's online course and my school stuff anymore. We want to take a family vacation this summer. But...

I had really wanted to go to Vegas. It isn't practical. Ru says we can still afford it, but I don't think we should. My mom thinks I am being silly and doesn't see why I even care. I don't know why I do, but I do. It's 10 years. It feels like we should do something mor interesting than order pizza and watch TV in our living room...
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