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Re: Basically it's Friday.

Originally Posted by lemurmommies View Post
Can I have a total WhiteWhine moment? This is going to sound ridiculous, but I feel disappointed and want to talk it out.

I don't think we can go away for our anniversary after all. I know it is not a big deal. I got super spoiled at Christmas. Ru needs a new phone and will likely order that when we get home. We need to get a new computer because the tiny netbook we have been using for the last 2 years can't keep up with Ru's online course and my school stuff anymore. We want to take a family vacation this summer. But...

I had really wanted to go to Vegas. It isn't practical. Ru says we can still afford it, but I don't think we should. My mom thinks I am being silly and doesn't see why I even care. I don't know why I do, but I do. It's 10 years. It feels like we should do something mor interesting than order pizza and watch TV in our living room...
I'm sorry Mel.

IDK...if Ru thinks you can afford it why dont you? Ru's good with the finances so I dont doubt it.

If something is important to you it doesn't matter what your mum thinks. It's nother anniversary.
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