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What did you get for your second baby?

Assuming you don't have twins first and are more or less parenting the same?

Caution child loss is mentioned!!

DH is wanting to know what we are looking at for needs for this baby.

On my list so far is (required):
Car seat
Newborn diapers (sold DS's... didn't really like them for DS)
Diaper covers (wore out DS's)
Large wetbag (was repurposed from DS)
repair our expensive stroller or get a new one (prefer to repair)
and since we will be co sleeping with a side car-ed crib, quick zip sheet for queen size bed, and crib size quick zip sheets if we are having a girl

like to have list is:
diaper bag (have one but hate it)
woven wrap
New cloth wipes (have our old ones... they are in okay condition)
and new baby specific items for the baby. Again if this baby is a girl we already have a pink bear that we got for our next girl days after we lost our DD.

We have a ton right now. We got rid of little from when DD was in the hospital or when DS was born. So I have 2 buckets of girl clothes (mostly not worn, though many preemie sized), and several buckets of boy clothes (some not worn and purchased for my 2 triplet boys that never got to wear them). We have a baby gym, playpen, swing, bouncer seat, beco butterfly 2, moby wrap (would like to dye this as it is cream colored), toys, bouncy seat (the stand up kind that doesn't go in the doorway), back pack carrier, bottles, breast pump, ... You get the picture. Half of our basement has baby stuff in it. But this is likely our last child unless we adopt an older child later on. So spoiling is not out of the question.

Oh and I have some spoosies for early days incase of anything odd. Got a case for the triplets and didn't use most of them. I donated 3 of the packages but have 1 that had 20+ diapers that was opened.

Thank you for your help.

PS also if you had a "shoot for the moon" item that you think would be nice to have, please share. This baby is very planned and I had to go through more then anyone should have to go through to get this baby, so I am imagining family coming together to get something nice for us. My inlaws got me my $700 (now slightly broken) stroller for DD when she was in the hospital. I am not expecting that again, but I wouldn't be surprised if they want to get a large ticket item for the baby. Thank you!
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