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Re: 3 year old discipline and sleep problems

Originally Posted by Geckmumto3 View Post
Is it possible for her to go to bed earlier? In our house, 8:30 would be way late for a little one. Our DD went from being a great sleeper to a horrible sleeper around 18 mos. We discovered that if we kept her up past 7:00- 7:30, she seemed to miss a window of sleep and then took forever to get to sleep. And, still, at 9, she has a sleep window and struggles to sleep if we keep her up late.
This is what I was going to suggest as well. 8:30 seems really late for a 3-year-old, and I wonder if she is getting overtired. (My 6-year-old goes to bed at around 8:30, she would be overtired.)
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