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Re: 3 year old discipline and sleep problems

We have had a lot of the same issues. my son will be 3 in march and Co slept until around 18 mo to 2 yrs and then the best was just too small for the 3 of us esp with me being pregnant with baby #2 and now that she's here there is NO way. Even when I want him in our bed to snuggle there literally isn't room no one can breath its such a tight squeeze. So we got him a noise machine and use waves or rain and that helped a lot! We read stories and then turn it on and snuggle, if he won't stop talking playing or wiggling then I tell him I have to leave so he can sleep that makes him stop and sometimes I have to day it and actually get up to leave and then give him another chance. They are soo testing at this age and he will usually settle down and snuggle up and sleep. Then I leave the room. Also bc he prefers mommy of he wont go to be for me and wont stop talking wiggling playing or whatever I have to follow through and have my husband do it. He doesn't always stay in his bed and will sometimes w ake up in the night a time or two but usually goes right back to sleep when the noise machine turns on and I lay therefor a min. I think he does this bc he falls asleep with someone and then when that person isn't there when they wake (all people wake throughout the night and check their surroundings we just don't usually remember it) and they then come looking for us in our room. I think we can work on falling asleep alone later when he's a little older. Anyway also we try ad have bedtime routine done by 8 at the latest but we try to start by 7 and be done by 730 bc like pp said once they miss their. natural sleep window and kids are earlier then you would think, then they get a second wind like

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