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Re: 3 year old discipline and sleep problems

Like literally in all people something happens in your brain to help you stay awake making it hard to fall asleep. Also at that age you really have to pick your battles and stick to things that are the most important and let the rest go. Also I found the more positive attention Igive my son the better his behavior is even tho its hard sometimes bc there is so much to do with a baby and a toddler and keeping the house up. My son also still takes a nap at almost 3 yrs old for an hrs or 2 in the afternoon right after lunch. He absolutely still needs it or else his behavior is really bad and we end up having a difficult rest of the da.y I know not all kids need to at that age but he does and he will be starting Montessori as soon as he turns s 3 and they have the 3 yr olds nap still after lunch too so I want him till in that habit for their sake. Also I read something about babies/kids and it has always stuck with me "sleep begets sleep"

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