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Re: What shoes do you buy for your toddler/preschooler

Originally Posted by MsGiggles View Post
Just a side PSA for those buying crocs for wide feet: I've now heard from a few foot drs that they can cause the foot to widen even further as they don't give the correct support to the sides of the foot. Can be problematic for younger kids wearing them often.

Originally Posted by KaleidoscopeEyes View Post

if that were the case then kids shouldnt be barefoot at all lol
Yea, that.

I think the "support" part of shoes is a bit of a crock. Shoes are primarily to protect feet from things that you could step on. Proper foot growth and development really comes from barefoot walking, not wearing shoes.

We are barefoot 99% of the time and only wear shoes out of the house.

That said, we rely on soft-soled shoes up until about age 2-3y/o. Then I look for something with a flexible sole if I can find it.

I get lots of shoes secondhand. My parents raised me the same way yours did, OP - "Never buy used shoes!"

Now as an adult I understand the purpose of shoes better, and I know more about why being barefoot is best, and so shoes are only used when necessary, therefore, being secondhand doesn't matter b/c my kids only wear them a few hours at a time, at the most.
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