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Re: My 17 month old is draining us

Originally Posted by brittrblackwell View Post
My first DS was so laid back and calm but 18m DS2 is a terror. By the end of the day I'm totally exhausted. All I can say is that each kid is different and they go through stages. Breath and handle problems one at a time, day by day. This won't last forever, so just get though the day the best you can.

Venting on MB's is great! Being frustrated and feeling like know one knows or cares can make the situation worse. Kids pick up on vibes.
Thanks -- but what's MBs??

Originally Posted by TrishB View Post
Google Dr. Sears High Needs baby. If you think yours fits the list at all, PM me.
I did this a LOT when he was an infant. I was always on the fence about whether he was or not. I borrowed Raising your Spirited Kid from my library and then immediately went out and bought it because even though a lot of the cases were for 3-8 y/os, the book described MY child to a T.

Originally Posted by BrownCowMama View Post
Sorry you're experiencing this... We have one like this too. It's SO fruSterating and sadly somedays makes me wish we used better birth control!

We find that we need to talk him thru everything. Explain talking to someone who knows absolutely nothing. He needs to be told why a lot and how we do things so he doesn't get fruSterating and scream at every.single.thing!!
LOL to the first.. I totally get this.
And YES to the second. This is gotten easier as he develops more words and comprehension, but talking to him about everything has proven a TAD More effective.

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
Hugs mama! It will get better.

Picky eating--totally the age. My kids would eat ANYTHING when they were little, and then often get to the "white" diet about this age. It gets better as they get older.

DD2 is 21 months. Some days she naps at 11 and some days at 1. It depends on the day. I try to keep her up as late as possible (if she naps at 11, she's up by 2 and that makes for a REALLY long afternoon...). But some days I just can't stand her anymore and she has to go to bed for everyone's sanity.

Good luck mama. Give it time. As his communication gets better and he gets older, it will get easier.
So did you just not worry about the fact the she NEVER ate a vegetable? For months? lol
And YES to the napping early. Drives me nuts, but those days he's in bed by 6:15.
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