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Interrupting nap times?

I have one child, he's 21.5 months, takes a 3 - 4 hour nap every day. He loves his naps, tells me when he's ready to take them. He goes down around 11:30 - 12:30 and sleeps until ususally 3 - 4.

We have this Christmas party to go to on Sunday that I really want to go to, and originally they had it set up at 11, so that we could be there for a couple hours (stretching it a bit, but I was trying to be flexible), but now my aunt (the host) just changed it to noon and now I see no point in even going. We'd go for maybe an hour and leave. (this christmas party is with my mom's side, only time I see my mom and siblings is at this christmas, but my aunt hosts it).

We don't interrupt nap times, I've tried bringing with a pack n play to things like this but it's always a screaming mess... so I don't even try anymore. I am not going to force him to stay awake.

What do we do? No one gets it.
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