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Re: Socially awkward?

Originally Posted by CarrieMF View Post

If the 2yo is near them and says hi and gets no response then yet it is bad manners.

If the 2yo is getting up in their faces and waving in their faces then it is weird to older kids, but normal for a 2yo. It is a teaching opportunity for what good manners/personal space look like. If someone gets in my personal space like that i can't say I'd be the most polite person.
This could be true.

I suppose it also depends on the age difference. How old was the older kid?

I expect a 12-13 yr old kid to be old enough to know and realize and acknowledge that little kids don't know "right and wrong" social queues or personal space, and to respond accordingly. I don't expect a 7-10 year old to necessarily make that connection.

This touched my nerve, sorry. I have a big problem with kids being rude, and the OP's story reminded me of the little girl that my DD tries to talk to everytime we see her. (which is pretty often btw - a couple times a wk at least) So I am coming at it from a different angle.
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