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Re: 27 weeks pg and baby presenting breech

Another vote for 27 weeks being too early to worry or even put effort into getting baby into the head down position Even if you did successfully coax baby into turning head down, chances are he/she will flip again.. many more times over the next few weeks. They still have so much room in there and are so active at this point.

This LO was breech at my 26wk u/s and my midwife didn't even mention it. I just knew because the u/s tech said, "baby is currently presenting breech, but that's fine at this point. Lots of time to turn." 3 out of my 5 kiddos didn't settle into head down position until 34/35 weeks. The other 2 settled around 32/33 weeks. You can definitely follow her advice on going to the chiro... there are several benefits to that, and if you really want to try and coax baby into a head down position, you can even try some of the techniques on spinningbabies, but honestly.. I wouldn't stress about it yet. And remember at this point, baby has so much room.. he/she will likely flip a few more times regardless.
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