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Re: Interrupting nap times?

Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs View Post
Also, some people get it and some don't. I have 6 kids (one too young still for it to matter). Most people who don't have young children or did not have their young kids on a very consistent napping routine don't get it. But, even if they do get it, most people won't plan a party or get together around one child's nap schedule if there are many guests involved. They are trying to accommodate most of the guests and their own planning schedule. It's really nice for me when my mom plans something because she always tries to keep us (with 6 kids 7 and under) and our children's sleep schedule in mind. But, she can't always accommodate us either based on other factors. It is ultimately up to us, as parents, to figure out how to balance the sleep routines with life.
Thanks for your advice in your previous post. I really appreciate it.

Yes, that's the other thing, the world doesn't revolve around us, I do realize that, but they planned it early so we would make it for a couple hours...
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