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Re: Who wants to help me play with floor plans for a tiny house??

I would want a sink in the bathroom but I would make the bathroom as tiny as possible so that your living space is as open and spacious as possible. Would a stand up shower be a possibility? I know you have small children but you might be able to make it work for a couple years and then you gain several feet of space that you might not otherwise use.
I would stack front loader washer and dryer. I have a set stacked in my foyer closet and love it. I'd probably try to put my appliances in a line (it might maximize counter space?). For instance you could start at the bath wall and stack washer/dryer next to refrigerator next to stove. Also if you put the sink next to the stove, it would keep all your plumbing on one wall.
You have 2 stoves in the 3rd drawing- is one a wood burning?
Will you have a tv? Perhaps a wall mount? If you put the table up against the wall- the tv could go above it.
I like the cubby/stairs idea- it seems like it such a small space you need to get more use for the space the stairs take up.
Also I would prob want a futon but be careful and get a quality one that is comfortable to sit on. We have one and it has a nice mattress but isn't comfy to sit on.
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