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Originally Posted by Kiliki
Ok, I think the younger kid (your LO?) in this scenario is the normal kid and the one not responding is the awkward kid. In our society, the older kid will probably be viewed in the realm of "normal" but honestly, I think it's just a result of bad manners.

There is one little girl that my DD tries desperately to talk to, who just stares right through her everytime.... and it makes me so irritated and angry. And, no this little girl is not special needs, and yes, I DO know that for a fact. She's just rude.

I know all kids have their own personalities, but I really encourage my kids not to be rude. It doesn't' take much at all to just smile and wave back when someone is saying hello. You don't even have to verbally SAY hi. But don't stare at my kid like they are an alien b/c they are friendly and no one taught you any manners. Ugh. HATE that.
I agree. I was wondering if a lot of it is because Of where we live, in cold, hard New England (RI to be exact). People just aren't very friendly here like they are in the South & Midwest where I grew up.

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