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Re: What did you get for your second baby?

For DD I got
-some girly diapers and more of the ones I liked with DS
-new wipes-I love velour/sherpa ones and splurged on a set of 24
-girly outfits
-a sleepy wrap since I didn't start babywearing much until DS was past the newborn period
-a sidesleeper crib (DS was still using the crib when DD was born)

this time I'm getting:
-new infant car seat which will be boring because I need it to match the stroller I have for our old one
-a swing (I didn't get one with my other kids and sorely wished I had one so that's my big item )
-some boyish summer outfits since all I have from DS is winter clothes (but yeah saved it all so I'm guessing we're set past the stage when the seasons will be off)
-also got a Hotsling because I'm guessing #3 will be worn even more than #2 was
-and might get a wrap/sling for hot weather because I know the sleepywrap was miserable in the summer
-I'm also splurging on some used and some new newborn diapers. I didn't have many with the other 2 and would love to only do laundry every 3rd day in the beginning.

This will also be our last baby and the temptation is big to spoil but I'm trying to hold back a little. *heh* Guess if I sold the HUGE amount of girly clothes I could afford all I wanted.
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