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Re: What Lengths Have You/Would You Go To To Stay Home?

We sacrificed fancy vacations and eating out often. We were not able to keep up my contributions to a 401k and we bought a smaller home in a slightly different neighborhood than we wanted.

I would not have sacrificed health, life or disability insurance. We would not have had me SAH if we had to receive assistance to to do. SAH is a luxury that not everyone can afford. It is not easy or a vacation. But, it is tough financially.

I went back to school while I was at home and now work full time as a nurse. DH and I work opposite schedules and the kids are all in school, but there are no childcare expenses. The time we have together now is all quality.

I also would not sacrifice my DH's ability to get time with the kids so I could be at home. I find it sad to see dads who work multiple jobs and never get to see their kids awake so mom can be at home. I think mom should get the extra job so dad can have home time too.
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