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Re: talk to me about going from 1 kid to 2

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
3 years apart is super easy. If they can potty by themselves, and have a shelf in the pantry of child-obtainable snacks, you are good to go. 3 is a whole different ball game than 2 years apart. I would work on kiddo sleeping in her own room, and being fully potty trained before newbie gets here.

Seriously, you've got nothing to worry about.
I agree completely!

Being able to use the bathroom and get a snack herself makes a huge difference. My kiddos are almost exactly 4 years apart, so added the second babe was very easy.
What made things smoother for me:
I found a mini boppy pillow at a thrift store for $2 and bought it for DD so she could nurse her babies on the couch next to me while I nursed my Newbie It was a nice way to include her.
A lot of Moms set up a "nursing basket" of things to have close by while they're stuck under their babe nursing all day. I did this, but it was things for DD.
DD slept with us, in our bed until I was too pregnant and grumpy and I couldn't take it anymore. Then I put a crib mattress on the floor on my side of the bed so we could still "hand snuggle" as she called it.
When she was used to that, I moved the mattress to the other side of our bedroom, before the babe was born. When he was about 6 months old, I moved her to her own room. This worked for us, but my kids both sleep like rocks.

Congrats Momma!! I bet everything will go much more smoothly than you fear.

ETA: Make sure and spend some special time with DD before the babe is born, and also to set up some special things/activities for her after newbie is here. So much attention is put on the new baby, you have to make sure not to push DD aside. After our boy was born, my Brother in Law was here for the birth, (He is DD's favorite person in the world.) He took her on some special solo walks which was really nice for her.
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