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Re: Interrupting nap times?

My 20 month old is napping more or less when needed. It gets frustrating when I know it's important for her to sleep but it interferes with fun things. And it's really frustrating when others tell me to just not worry about it - they aren't going to be the ones up in the middle of the night with a fussy baby, or dealing with a cranky baby the next day!

We were doing a set time a couple of months ago because in my throws of horrible nausea I was curled up in a ball all day and miserable and counting down the time til she would be napping. I was very specific about the time, and she became very reliant on napping at that time every day. Since then I've gone back to more or less letting her nap as needed. When she shows signs of being tired. And it really works for us because we can move the time around and do the activities we want to do. Luckily she's awesome about making up sleep later on. If she doesn't get enough of a nap she's been known to sleep in until noon the next day. Not all babies can do that!
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