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Re: House rules for hand held gaming system (or other electroics)

Some kids do well with free-play and as the novelty wears off they just aren't playing it tons. One family I nanny'd for was looking forward to an Xbox for Christmas for months and months. It finally came and after the first few weeks they only used it a couple of times a week.

Another family I nanny'd for had boys age 5 & 7. They were always begging to use their gadgets and were basically obsessed. They were allowed one hour a day of screen time. That's a total for TV, computer, video games, iphones, handheld devices etc... It was nice that they knew the rules and had to find other things to do to entertain themselves. But man it was a pain to regulate it! They were talking about the games and shows when they were playing with them. It was nice for a while because they would play with friends, but as they got older all the friends wanted to do was play video games too.

My own LO is still a baby, but I'll probably see how much interest she has in those sorts of things. I'm hoping that she isn't going to be obsessed with them and can self-regulate. Otherwise I'd probably go with a 30 or 60 minute limit a day after everything is taken care of after school.
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