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What do you feed your toddler when they're sick?

My 13 month old is sick for the first time ever (other than a mild cold) and she now only nurses once a day. I''m pregnant and my milk is pretty much dried up so it's really only for comfort before bed and maybe a few drops of milk. She has a fever and is cranky and well, just has that sick look. She's less animated, not lethargic, but looks tired. I didn't realize her stomach was upset until after lunch. So dinner is toast with margarine and rice cooked in chicken broth. What do you usually feed your little ones when they're not well?

ETA: Nix the rice. She threw it on the floor, wouldn't try any broth either so just ate a little toast with margarine. She's drinking lots though so not too worried. My husband is getting some bananas for tomorrow.

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