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Re: Movie Recommendations for daughters first

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
I am not too picky about movies, but these are banned here. They are mean to each other! Definitely not a fan.

I thought of a couple more my kiddos like--Willy Wonka (the older one, not the Johnny Depp one), and the Barbie Princess and the Pauper (which is surprisingly really cute and well done, which I never would have expected. The rest of the Barbie movies are pretty terrible).
The older Willy Wonka, has them being mean and bratty, but the worst is the boat scene, that freaked me out big time as a kid.

I agree think classic, I think Pollyanna is wonderful, same vein, I loved Thomasina also a classic Disney film. Mary Poppins, the original Absent Minded Professor is great. Though it has some mild racism (a over the top actor playing an Asian man), I love The Ugly Dachshund. Overall I think almost any of the old classic Disney live action films are mostly pretty good outside Old Yeller.
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