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Re: never learning to nurse discreetly?

I agree with everyone else.

I'm on my 6th baby including 2 sets of twins. I can't nurse discreetly very well. I either cover or leave the room. I also use cross cradle with all my babies no matter the age. It is SO much more comfortable for me. I strongly dislike the regular cradle hold. Also, I can't let go of my breast while baby is nursing either. If I do, baby will lose it. It isn't like I'm a novice or haven't tried hard enough. I have a good amount of experience. It's the size and shape and weight of my breasts. It just doesn't work well. I can nurse slightly more discreetly than I do once baby is on, but I honestly prefer to have most of my breast exposed because I can see better. I'm extremely sensitive if baby's latch isn't perfect. So, I keep a very close eye on it and am very picky about our position. If I really want to, I can be pretty discreete, but it is a lot of work and I don't like it.

I don't worry about it if there are women in the room. I just don't expose as much breast and don't worry about a cover. But, if there are men, I'll use a cover or often leave the room. I prefer to leave the room than fumble with a cover.

Therefore, I wouldn't assume she needs any tips. I'd just leave her be.
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