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Re: never learning to nurse discreetly?

Originally Posted by ktmelody View Post
Who cares? Is there a rule that someone has to nurse a certain way? No, and why does your husband have to leave the room? Surely he is a grown man who can handle seeing a boob. I don't know just seems childish to me, there should be no shame in nursing however a mother chooses.

I would keep my mouth shut.
1) he is a modest, faithful man that never looks at other women and personally doesn't care to see another woman other than his wife's breasts - yes they are feeding tools for babies, but we both know and understand them to be sexual body parts as well
2) because my friend is not comfortable nursing in public or in front of others, especially males, because of how much she shows (I THOUGHT I made that part clear in my OP....)
3) for the reasons above, my husband is not childish, he's modest and respectful, thank you VERY much!

I can understand the issues of having really large breasts that can make it impossible or near impossible to nurse discreetly.. I just don't quite understand why she doesn't choose to nurse more discreetly when she's obviously not comfortable with others seeing her breasts when she's nursing.
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