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Originally Posted by ktmelody
Who cares? Is there a rule that someone has to nurse a certain way? No, and why does your husband have to leave the room? Surely he is a grown man who can handle seeing a boob. I don't know just seems childish to me, there should be no shame in nursing however a mother chooses.

I would keep my mouth shut.
I wouldn't say anything either. Weaning aside, it could make her feel self conscious. Even if you're close to the same size, they might not be in the same 'condition.' Genetics are mean to some of us.

Originally Posted by slyeates
Gah, I wish I could nurse discreetly. I somehow missed that lesson. My dd is 11 months old and I still use a cover or go int the other room in front of my brother. (for his sake, not mine). I have DDDD breasts and I still have to support my breast for dd to be able to breathe and nurse at the same time. Maybe it is just the way she is built? I honestly wouldn't worry about it unless she asks.
Same here. Mine are big, and they are heavy. So they point down, instead of forward. It's sexay, lemme tell you. If you have boobs that point down, you have to hold the thing up with one hand. It's inherently indiscreet.
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