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Originally Posted by crunch!910
I'm not saying it bothers me at all.. This thread is NOT ABOUT THAT!!! My husband chooses not to look. He's respectful. That isn't childish. And I certainly doing go staring at her breast, no matter if she whips the entire thing out.

The issue here is that my friend will not nurse in public because she I guess hasn't figured out to nurse discreetly. I was wondering if I should offer to HELP her. Geesh people. This isn't about bashign her. This isn't about bashing me. While I may not agree with it, if she felt comfortable enough to just whip it out in public and feed, those rights are protected and I would j ust keep my thoughts to myself. But since my friend won't nurse in public, I just thought that if maybe I showed her how to be more discreet it woudln't be such an issue anymore. Sorry, I'm frustrated that this thread is turning into the "don't like it don't look!!!" mentality when that's not what its about.
I'd just ask her. Hey, I've noticed you don't like to nurse in public. I know some tips on how to nurse discreetly and I wondered if that would make you feel comfortable doing so, or if there was another reason you were avoiding it. Emphasize that you are genuinely curious, proud of her for nursing for 8 months, and were nervous to bring it up bc you didn't want to make her feel awkward.
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