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Re: How can I increase my supply without a pump?

Originally Posted by dudleypippen View Post
This is the recipe I use- you could substitute the butter for Earth Butter or something vegan I suppose Oh mama, my heart goes out to you. I hope you get some rest and the kids get better! My DS nurses CONSTANTLY when he has a cold and is cranky the rest of the time. It's exhausting, I can't imagine how I would cope with more than one sicky at a time!
I've been wanting the recipe for these cookies too! I can't use the regular Earth Balance butter because it does have soy in it. If you are going to use Earth Balance, they have a soy-free tub.

OP, I'm having the same problem now. I used to have tons of milk, leaking all the time. Now I only leak a little at night and my breasts don't feel as full. Good luck, and I hope the cookies work for you mama!
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