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Re: never learning to nurse discreetly?

Originally Posted by kaia.aline View Post
This was the other part I felt was judgmental
We're good enough friends that I don't have to walk around on egg shells with her. If she were to wean early, she'd already know that I don't agree with that. This thread isn't about that. And please do not demonize me for having my own personal opinion when it comes to those who choose not to breastfeed when they are otherwise capable. I can have my opinions on that and still be respectful, and still be a friend to someone that may choose not to breastfeed.

However, back on topic
- bringing it up was for the purposes of explaining WHY I am reluctant to say anything, because she's already on the edge and I don't want to say anything that would influence her to wean early. That's it. It wasn't to bash her or ridicule her publicly on a forum - it was an explanation. End. Of. Story. Thanks.

BeccaSue, thankyou so much! That was the kind of helpful advice I was looking for. Maybe next time we see eachother and are talking, I could just casually bring up the topic of nursing in public, see what she has to say, and then determine from there if I should offer tips, all the while being extremely careful not to make her feel self conscious or imply she's showing too much.
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