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Originally Posted by firsttimeclothmomma
Ugh this is my kid. Exactly. I contribute this, unfortunately to LO being much more stimulated and busy at daycare.. at home, I can't put on the same kind of circus so he's not 'exhausted' enough to sleep that long. Very annoying and makes for a long, cranky afternoon.

I am searching for the same answers ... Does she get tired mid morning at all? With LO at home, 80% of the time he still takes 2 naps a day. It just works better for our more "boring" schedule. He's 17 months and has been taking one nap at daycare since 13ish months.. but yeah.. needs sleep in two stretches at home.
Sometimes two naps helps, but other days she ends up with two 20-minute catnaps, which is almost worse than one 45-60 minute stretch. Can't decide which is the lesser of two evils!
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