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Dr might want to add formula at next appt.

My baby was in the NICU for four days, and I had a difficult time getting her to breastfeed for the first two or three weeks. She is now going to be 4 months on January 6 and I thought we were doing great with breastfeeding. She was gaining about 4 oz a week and last visit she gained only 3.25 oz a week. her pediatrician says she needs to gain more weight and he says that if she hasn't gained more weight next time we have to add formula. I really don't want to, but I don't want her to be unhealthy either. She is a tall baby, last visit in the 90ish percentile for length and 30 ish for weight. She used to be in the 50ish for weight though. She weighed 11.5 lbs about a week ago and our next appt is Jan 30. I tried pumping and giving her expressed milk, but she only took an ounce. She does spit up a lot, so at pedi's suggestion I gave her some rice cereal a couple of times, about three teaspoons. She hates it. I offer her the breast often and most of the time she only feeds from one, although at night she does finish one and take the other one. What can I do to help her gain weight, or is her weight ok? Thanks!
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