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Re: My 17 month old is draining us

I also have a DD your age. She likes baby Einstein videos and I let her watch those. She also likes blocks, balls (She loves to throw a ball and chase after it!), her pull back car (one you pull it and it goes forward a few inches/feet), and her Ruff House ( ). She ignores dolls, stuffed toys, and shape sorters/stacker toys.
She loves a pacifier. She Doesn't suck on it... They are the gumdrop kind and she chews on them. I freeze them for her.
I would ask what exactly the schedule is at the DCP and try to stick to it on the weekends. Sometimes kids do better in structured environments and changes in routine throw them for a loop.
I offer all foods we are eating. I don't give alternative food unless it is something she can't eat. Eventually a kid will learn to eat what is offered. If they act hungry, I will re-offer what they didn't eat instead of giving them what they want. (Basically if you keep giving alternative food, you are training your kid that if he refuses then he gets what he wants. )
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