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Re: never learning to nurse discreetly?

Originally Posted by ktmelody View Post
You didn't say it made her uncomfortable to nurse in front of others or in just said she doesn't because her husband didn't like it. Which IMO is childish.

Breasts are sexual, breasts are for feeding babies, but breasts being used while feeding a baby is not sexual therefore there should be no issue at all. (A lot or a little or none showing doesn't matter).
I apologize. I thought when I said:
Originally Posted by crunch!910 View Post
She won't nurse in public, her husband doesn't like when she nurses in front of others, and my husband always has to go to the other room when she's over, so she's not just choosing to whip it out because she thinks there is nothing sexual about boobs ...
it would be understood that she was not comfortable nursing in public or in front of others. Not sure if you've read all the replies, but this thread is clearly about how she is uncomfortable nursing in front of others and either cannot be or has not learned to be discreet. This thread has nothing to do with how *I* feel she should nurse, but rather about how she feels about nursing, and if there was any way I could help her to feel more comfortable by giving her tips on being discreet. Not because I'm imposing my own thoughts of modesty on her, but because she already feels insecure about nursing in front of others (hence the "won't nurse in public" and "my husband always has to leave the room").

And there is nothing childish about how she chooses to feed her child in public, even if that means she pumps before she leaves homes and offers a bottle. *scratches head* I prefer to be discreet when I nurse in public because I don't care for anyone, especially other males, to see my breasts, and that doesn't make me childish if I chose to not nurse in public at all because I had a child or breasts that made discreet nursing impossible. Nor would it be childish if my husband was not comfortable with my breasts hanging out, flashing the whole world. It would mean, however, that we are modest people that share the same values.. but childish? I think that's a silly way to describe someone that prefers to be modest??? And in this case, prefers that his wife share the same values and practices modesty. That doesn't make us childish, bad, or anything else. We simply are more modest and there is nothing wrong with that. I understand others see breasts differently, I accept that, and would never say anything to someone who I may personally feel is showing too much while breastfeeding. Likewise, I would expect those with differ viewpoint to respect those that would choose to nurse discreetly and not call them silly things like "childish".
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