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Originally Posted by hokoonchi
Read Raising Your Spirited Child. It really changed my perspective on my kid. He doesn't do all of the same things, but he takes offense to me singing with him or imitating him (even when he's just so cute I can't help it), and he refused his Halloween costume. He also used to hate grass and sand, but now is okay with it. I think he has mild sensory stuff, which is common to spirited kids. But anyway, the book is excellent. It really let me give a name to the different things he experiences day to day and made me feel like there wasn't anything wrong. Today he scratched my nose up really bad because I was changing his diaper and it was too close to nap. I totally understand a lot of the things you are say. Definitely spirited -- which really has a list of "symptoms" and behaviors that go along with it. Good luck.
Completely agree. It helped to understand him. But it all sounds like normal spirited child to me. But as someone else said, it has gotten worse as he's gotten older not better. He's only 4.5 though.
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