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Re: never learning to nurse discreetly?

While I don't agree with everything ktmelody has said, I can certainly understand why she feels the way she does because your OP was really confusing. I *think* I understand now that you've clarified some things so let me take a stab at things.

I have a huge boobs and NIP even though I can't be all that discreet. I hardly can do the cradle hold even though I'd love to. I'm finally beginning to get the hang of it but its only at home and when I have to walk and nurse. Baby pops off anyways. Plus I'm still using the shield so its a fun time! lol

It sounds like she's confided in you about her discomfort with NIP. If that's the case I'd simply bring the subject up, I like the way the PP suggested, and ask if she needs some help. Or pretend like you're having trouble with a particular hold or shirt and ask her if she has any ideas on how to be more discreet and see if that opens the door.

Again, if she personally expresses being uneasy about baring the entire boob, mention something. Otherwise just praise her like crazy for making it 8 months!

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