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Re: Getting Toddler to Nap Longer At Home?

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
find out EXACTLY what they do at she in a darkened room? white noise? any music? any pre nap routine? any detail you can find to copy. and I would guess that she actually is crying when she wakes but is used to naps not being negotiable and having to go back to sleep. I personally would let her cry and see if she can go back to sleep at home. Many daycare providers say things like "oh she fusses a little bit" but she is actually crying at daycare too.....either they just dont want to tell you that she is screaming (which is obviously upsetting for parents to hear) OR their tolerance is very high when it comes to crying because they hear it all day. You may see it as screaming bloody murder but they see it as dramatic crying from a tired kid that needs to go back to sleep.
I'm not a daycare provider like Doodah and therefore don't have the "inside scoop", but this is exactly what I would have said. I said I would tell them to go back to sleep. What I did not tell you is I don't mind crying. If they wake up early, I only even go in if they start to cry. I pat them on the back and lay them back down and tell them to go back to sleep. If they cry, I leave them. I do go back after a few minutes if they are still crying and pat them and tell them to go back to sleep again. But, within reason, I don't get my kids up before 2 hrs. They learn to go back to sleep if they wake too early. (Like I said above, I'm not militant.)

Of course, I know not everyone would do this, but I suspect it is what is happening at daycare and it is what I would do.
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