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Re: My 17 month old is draining us

Originally Posted by firsttimeclothmomma View Post
Thanks -- but what's MBs??

So did you just not worry about the fact the she NEVER ate a vegetable? For months? lol
And YES to the napping early. Drives me nuts, but those days he's in bed by 6:15.
I continue to offer the vegetables at every meal, and always give her as many fruits as she will eat, esp ones with bright colors--blueberries, strawberries, manderin oranges, banana, anything that has different vitamins than chicken nuggets or hot dogs or frozen meatballs. My DD2 has subsided on blueberries, cheese sticks, nitrate/nitrite free hotdogs, and macaroni and cheese for about 3 months. Some days, she'll eat broccoli or cooked carrots, but some days she won't.

What 3 years of feeding therapy with my middle child (heroin baby with a G-J tube) has taught me is that any time you make eating a power struggle, you are going to lose. Meals should be positive and the parents should offer the foods, and model eating it, talking about how good it is, how fun it is, dipping it in ranch, ketchup, cheese sauce (whatever dips the kid will tolerate) and over time, curiosity will get the better of the kid. Over time, if you model good eating habits, your child will get there. We are told to use a divided plate with a protein (yogurt counts), a veggie/fruit, and a starch. One of the foods should be something you know kiddo will eat. One should be a target food you are working on, and one should be a middle ground food.

Then, as kiddo likes things, you branch out from there. So, for example, if you can get kiddo to eat broccoli with cheese sauce, you might progress to broccoli with ranch, fresh broccoli with ranch, and cauliflower with cheese sauce. Change it up slightly a bit at a time til you can get kiddo eating lots of foods. The concept is called Food Chaining, if you want to google it.
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