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Originally Posted by seeinstarrz
Was he ok for that whole time he was on the meds? If so, I would put him back on them for sure. The recent problems you are describing are very much reflux symptoms and if it is severe enough to make him want to skip meals the acid might be doing damage to his little throat. You could certainly get a referral to a GI doc, but they will likely tell you to do the same thing - put him back on the meds. We have gone back and forth with GI and ENT docs over this for three years with my DS (except the meds they keep trying to give us don't work...).
For the most part, yes, the meds worked. We had rough patches here and there, but he did ok. He didn't start sleeping through the night until he was about 18 months, and even then, not regularly. Up until we took him off the medicine, he'd wake up a few times a week, but quickly go back to sleep on his own. The last few weeks, he's up screaming a few times a night.
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