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Originally Posted by seeinstarrz

That isn't unusual for someone with reflux. It is way worse at nighttime because you are lying down and it makes it easier for the acid to travel back up and cause that heartburn sensation. What meds is/was he on? Most of them are acid-blockers - meaning they don't actually prevent the liquid from coming back up, it just neutralizes the acid in their stomach so when it DOES come up, it doesn't hurt or do damage.
First med was Zantac. He was on that from 2-6 months. The pedi suggested a trial off meds at that point. He was good for about 2 months. Then symptoms came back, and we found out he'd only gained 2 ounces in over two months. He went back on Zantac and symptoms lessened, but didn't go away, so we tried Prevacid. That was a huge failure. He screamed almost nonstop for the three days he was on it. At 8.5 months, we switched to Prilosec. He's been doing pretty well on it, but I'm just starting to wonder if there's something else we should be investigating at this point. I mean, he almost 2.
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