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Re: Which diapers have you had worst experiences with?

I haven't tried any diapers with PUL but do have some experience with flats and prefolds.

For flats I don't like my hemp baby flats. They developed pinhead size holes all through the fabric. They are also next to impossible to get my pins through. Not to mention the feel very rough to me. I rarely use them. Like maybe once every 2-3 months. At $7.50 each they were an expensive flat. With all the holes in them I just don't see being able to sell them so I keep them on hand. I have thought about cutting them up to sew up some fitteds with them.

Also my swaddlebees cotton print flats have the serged edges separating from the fabric. I hear their new bamboo ones are also having the same issue. In my house these have been relegated to emergency car diapers.

The only other issues I have had were with the fit of traditional sized prefolds. Although they were fine on my skinny older child they did not work at all on my chunky monkey. Since we either pin or snappi I have to be able to get them to go around my kiddo. Since most premium diapers are 12-13" wide I would struggle to get them around my son's 22-23" waist when he was 4 months old.
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