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Re: Any one else bummed because of medical issues and Christmas

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
Ugh. Is there an option to go in today where it isn't an emergency and get things taken care of before the weekend? So sorry mama. It sucks when you feel helpless.
I suspect his intestines are so compromised by the fistula and inflammation they are dumping, moving the food through too fast for all the nutrients to absorb. The kid has had chronic diarrhea for 2.5 weeks and he has spent his entire life constipated. He is getting the same amount of calories he always does but he acts very weak and his flesh is sunken. He looks like he is starving. Until they can repair the damage I think the only temporary fix is TPN and I am hesitant to do that unless our back is up against the wall. He has had to be TPN dependent before and it damaged his liver after only a few weeks. It took close to 6 months of drugs and monitoring before his liver returned to full functioning.
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