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Re: Any one else bummed because of medical issues and Christmas

Thanks for the warm sentiment Alex.

Originally Posted by Bhavana View Post
Just wanted you to get some respite.

I appreciate the thought but it is impossible to leave him even with my parents and they are the most skilled at reading him besides me. I'm the only one who can read his pain ques (he is nonverbal) and get him to tell me where it is so we can target his meds to the particular region of the gut. Alec is aware I'm the only one that can as well and he freaks out if I try to leave because he is afraid he will be left to deal with his pain without help.

His father isn't even allowed unsupervised visits because of substance abuse problems. Thankfully his dad has decided just to drop out of his life which is the best thing for now. If he cleans himself up and can prove it by 3 clean consecutive drug tests in a row, I would be open to them reestablishing a father-son relationship. His dad was a good man before the drug problem but now he is just a miserable unreliable liar and I wouldn't even trust our pet guinea pig to his care at the moment.
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