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Re: What Lengths Have You/Would You Go To To Stay Home?

I decided that financially it didn't make sense to pay for childcare and have next to nothing left over to care for my child. Staying home has been so valuable for our family. No one has to worry about missing work when the kids are sick and mine have been pretty ill for weeks at time.

My DH would really like me to go back to school (my education degree is essentially worthless now) once the kids are in school, but I would like to stay home/work part time until they are out of the house ideally. I feel like we'll be even busier when they're in school with activities and such.

We are living comfortably, but don't really have anything in savings. As we get some things paid off, we'll be able to build our emergency fund, but life always seems to conspire against us with bills and things that break.
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