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Re: What Lengths Have You/Would You Go To To Stay Home?

We were broke when we had our first. We rented a tiny one bedroom apartment and made it work until my DS was 1.5 years old. Now we have three kids and I am still home, though there are days that I dream of having a job and getting some time away.
I do work on Saturdays for 10 hours so I bring in a bit of money but I do end up missing out on a lot of stuff with the kids.

We do have a lot of credit card debt and a huge car payment (my DH had caviar dreams on a mcnugget budget but finally came to his senses) but we are slowly (very slowly) paying everythign down- we are lucky because my DH got a promotion last year and makes a lot in commission so we do have a tiny bit of breathing room.

For me to stay home we cut out a ton of stuff, but all things that really don't matter to us. We do have great health insurance and dental through my DH's work.

I wanted to stay home because I personally could not leave my kids with a stranger-the thought made me feel sick to my stomach (so overly dramatic, I know). My dream was never a big house or nice stuff- it was just to be a mom. Now my dream is to be a mom with a nanny
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