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Re: How can I increase my supply without a pump?

Originally Posted by MandaMommy2 View Post
I just tried to feed her on the right side and she pitched a fit but I got her to eat for about 8 minutes. She usually nurses more like 20 minutes per side. I e got her on the left side now because she was still hungry. I wish I could block nurse because that does seem easier. I'm going to pump after every feeding and hope for the best. I have some blood work I need to have done for my thyroid in the morning. I'm hypothyroid on full replacement and I was over medicated so my Endo cut my dose back. I'm wondering if this or my Pcos is causing problems. I hope not. I know that something is wrong though because I'm exhausted, extremely week and my hair is falling out in clumps. Maybe another good nights sleep will help. Thanks for the advice.
PCOS can cause issues for breast feeding. It is recommended to be on Metformin to keep your milk supply up. I have it too. I also have hypothyroidism. All my babies except this one have prefered my left breat to my right causing little to no milk on hte right and a ton on hte left. Try if you can to get her on both sides for your sanity.

I have to be on reglan to keep producing with fenugreek and metformin with my PCOS. So do not be shocked if you need a prescription. Some people prefer domperidone (sp?) but my insurance does not cover it.
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