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Re: Dr might want to add formula at next appt.

Originally Posted by OrchidMama View Post
Thank you for your responses. My baby has horrible acid reflux too, although it's getting better. For a while the reflux would make her gag and she would throw up everything she had just eaten, it would even come out her nose. This went on for at least three weeks. I think that might be affecting her weight gain. I'm pretty sure she's getting enough because I feed her and keep offering the breast to her until she refuses it. She also nurses a couple of times at night still. I feel better after reading these responses, thanks.
Reflux definitely affects weight gain. If she's eating until she's full, she won't take additional formula. The only other thing I can think of is to make sure you are eating plenty of calories and not restricting your fat intake so that your milk is as calorie dense as possible. I second the pp suggestion to get a second opinion if your ped pushes formula supplementation.
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