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I had my first by CS for maternal exhaustion after few hours of pushing. My DS was 10lbs 12oz, posterior and had his head tilted (acynclitic presentation). That was 2008.

In 2011 I had my hbac. Baby girl was 9lb 15oz, and was in a great position thanks to weekly chiropractic care through pregnancy, regular exercise, and maintaining upright and "all fours" positions during labor and pushing. She did have her hand by her face (which was rough) and I tore a bit, but not bad.

If/when we have baby #3 I'm seriously considering a hospital vbac. It will depend greatly on several variables. My delivery with my hbac was literally textbook perfect. :-). But my postpartum recovery was difficult and I think I would have really liked to have more hands-on postpartum observation and care. I think I may have some risk of cardiomyopathy, based on having intense chest pain and high bp after my first two deliveries. My cpm had no idea what was wrong with me. I've read that cardiomyopathy gets worse with each delivery. So IF I can find the right provider (which should be easy, Portland is the Mecca of natural birth) I would like a hospital delivery.

I do feel really torn though. :-). I loved my homebirth. :-)

ETA: by "few hours of pushing" I meant FIVE. Lol. Autocorrect fail.

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